Open Wide

by Ad Astra

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released April 29, 2012



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Ad Astra Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Paycheck
I am the one that shows the way out of the grey
Just hear the tunes and join this beautiful decay
I am the one that gives the goal but when you fall
I’m not the one to blame cause you have made the call

I’m here to exploit your shortcomings and hide
No big deal as you’ll never see beyond your pride
I smell, look and sound the same as you do
Like cracks on a window, I’m part of the view

I’ll teach you hatred, hypocrisy and greed
You all just diligently put me on the lead
There was another way, there was another time
when you could have served your life, but now you all serve mine

welcome to my pit I dug to mock your faith
a pool where morality’s like a fish caught on a bait
Nothing’s compulsory like reading at the school
And it’s your fault if you forget that the book was just a tool

To open gates and show the diverse roads ahead
you still chose the one leading to me instead
By turning on the box and turning off your mind
so that’s how on your pitiful ignorance I thrive

My shade lurks there whenever you turn around
I’ll feed you words my teeth have ground (and spat)

I’ll feed and I won’t feel regret
As long as I get my fat paycheck
Track Name: Fake
Ascending from the common, look into the bottom
It will call you soon
It’s all too perfect, like a growing insect
You’re locked up in a cocoon
(still it’s like an empty tomb)

For your audience, all you do make sense
So little to care about
They like it best when they are impressed
By your mighty bank account
(The days you’d better start to count)

One day I’ll see you crawling deep beneath the dirt of your
Serenity you broadcast from a sickening world so purely fake

You’re not different, just a human fragment
That’s nothing but sold and bought
The spotlight’s shining and the cams are rolling
The peace of mind you’ve sought
(the peace of a mind without a thought)
Track Name: The Substitute
Lost track of every purpose, lost track of space and time
No need to ask the reasons, no urge to define
The poisoned words of the insane ones
The pathetic ways to reverse the guns
Pointed at the core of what we used to call eternity

We crave the next device to ease the despair
We want to dread, to feel the thrill of being scared
The screws won’t turn unless you buy
A safe place on the production line
Relax and eat the substitute of immortality

Make me feel insecure
With something I’ve never had before
Feed me a hundred times, show me a thousand ways,
To overcome the hollowness it gains

Lost track of purpose, lost track of time
no need to ask, no urge to define

You’ve fed me a 100 times,
Now I show you a 1000 ways to fall
Track Name: Into Sour
Thrown out of your
Good old shell
I was a shelter
Where you can dwell
That new beginning
Embraced the end
No good solution
No way to mend

I heard from you
That strange new song
All those weird notes
Played way too long
We were like ink
Cast on our bed
Washed by false tears
for us you shed

Luring our twisted minds
Just Like when the ocean dries
Into sour turned the sweet
Taking all sips my fatih bleeds

Drawn back, each day
By a long lame thread
Breaking, squeezing
A love force fed
Sunk into your
Own pointless words
Draggin’ me along
Those downward curves
Track Name: Binary Bravery
Sign up and find that place
home of a crippled race
Where each problem’s solved
That’s what the icon’s told

Eyes, all so blurred and sore
Still they want some more
Pale and nameless drones
Making virtual groans

Who doesn’t dare, you’re welcome
Demeanor’s uninstalled
Binary bravery is the password
whenever you are galled

Come save the pain and share your life
Gone down the drain, confront and hide

Sign up and find that place
home of a crippled race
Pale and nameless drones
Making virtual groans
Track Name: Borderline
Some say we are not different
Some say we both are scum
but I am the one who’s paid
the price of your apathetic fun

Some say I could be different
Some say I am no scum
That’s a decent train of thought
Still, decent I won’t become

Some find the hole to escape
Some try to hold them back
No doubt I’ll be a good son
Predestined to walk along your track

See how I pull the trigger
Without removing the needle

Some part of you has faded
Some part of you still wants
all the rest of conscious I have
a vile parental care that haunts

See how I pull the trigger
Without removing the needle

Bars or a syringe is my wage
I’ll have a warden on my side
You were just another psycho
What I am is but borderline
Track Name: Finite
It saturates, it hides
unheard, unseen it blinds
This bittersweet despair
Leads me to nowhere

Pointless To calculate
The ending is infinite
As I’m constantly fed
still I am starved to death

Deep inside the flesh (főének)
(Can’t be repressed (vokálok)
Can’t be possesed
deep in the flesh
deep in the flesh)

Faceless it covers me
soundless insanity
Turning dusk into dawn
Subconciously unknown

Beneath the surface it finds me but I
never knew the reasons why I
see and defy
live and decide
how to lose or to fight
Track Name: Director's Cut
Not the red bloodstream, not the horrid scream’s
Meant to stir up my sensitive daydream
I am injected against the infected
Fictional world so feed the real junk you spread

Why do I have to see them play god
In their own repulsive game?
Why isn’t it an act of violence
When I’m forced to bear this lame sight
of nauseating lives?
Applause for each fake prize!

Another lost icon bleak the horizon
Nothing’s left there to choose or to laugh on
Soon to be lamented turn the so talented
Shit we all find so amusing and we have bred

The dosage is up high
Now I can feel them inside
The heroes come to life
And pierce my eyes open wide

The uncut hypocrite
becomes the role model for
me and my friend, we sit
and wait for every new uproar

The mindless humanware
becomes the role model for
me and my friend, we stare
at a scene far worse than any gore
Track Name: Undone
The choice was mine, but all the options failed
Except his call, the sound I feared to wait
Within my room I find a way to rest
The barrels laid against my chest

The burden weighs, the burden drags
down to a point where I cannot stop my legs
they take me far, way beyond the hope
to pull me back from the slope

Raping a virtue to save another one and
a gaping rift that is my self-esteem undone.
Raping a virtue to save another one and
a gaping rift I call my life nailed to his gun

Now I have come, and you can see the trap
we both share with me holding the strap
I won’t excuse, I had the reasons and a mind
too young to refuse the ride

The burden weighs
The burden strains
The burden drags
beneath the rope
beyond the hope
to avoid the tracks
The burden takes
The burden stains
The burden reeks
No one to call
No one to hear
The silent shrieks

The burden weighs
The burden strains
The burden drags
It’s all the same
A losing game
Where lives become the bets
The burden talks
The burden chokes
The burden steals
Even if you find the cure
It’s not a wound that heals